Honestly expressing ourselves!
BLCC is driven with the belief that a product which is a right combination of the natural instinct and control makes a successful product!

Our Story

It began with the understanding that there is a felt need of availability of getting something healthy & delicious to eat instead of some pre-packed food.

So the idea of experimenting with the regional delicacy of Baati & litti and of course chai on top of it,came up, which gave an inspiration to make some new & wonderful creations.

Shweta Singh

Founder & CEO

Ms. Shweta Singh has dedicated her career in the two most promising sector of new India.One is finance and second one is employment and skill development. Both these sectors were challenging in setting up an organised business. She was successful due to her innovation and hard work as the Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Global Services, a pioneer organisation in the eastern part of India.

Vishal Chaudhary

Advisory Board Member

Vishal Chaudhary the creator of a business empire, is a mover and shaker in the business world of Jharkhand. He is a great exponent of creative capitalism who believes in generating wealth and giving back to society for creating an equitable order.


Manager Innovation & Research

Nilu is known for her creativity and out of the box thought process in food and eatery industry, she is a all known personality of hospitality industry of eastern India. Nilu is heading entire eatern innovative and research wing of BLCC which has a single agenda of how to make our food more attractive in taste and flavour.